What to Expect at LCF?


Above all, we expect that you will feel God's love for you through the love of others at LCF.  We trust that you will feel welcomed and valued by our church because of your intrinsic value to God.  However, we also recognize that each church body functions in their own unique ways and we want to make you feel at ease when you are amongst us.  

We gather on Sunday's at 10:30am for our service.  Dress attire is pretty casual, you'll find many of us in jeans but there might be the odd tie as well!  Prior to our service, we have coffee time and if you get here a little after 10:00 am you can expect to find some people who will welcome you to sit down for a a snack (if you desire) and some coffee or juice.  

At 10:30am we gather together for a time of worship that is centred around singing songs about God and how incredible he is. We believe that intentionally directing our hearts towards God together in worship is a powerful means by which we become aware of God's presence in our lives.

After joining together in worship for about 30 minutes the leader of our service will give some announcements centred around church events or the life of the church. During this time we dismiss children ages 3-12 to be apart of our Children's Ministry for the remainder of the service that happens downstairs.  We also have a nursery available upstairs for moms or dads with little ones under 3, where you can listen to the message.

The remainder of our time together (about 45 minutes or less) allows us the opportunity to open God's Word together and look at how the truth of the Bible speaks God's words into us and calls us into relationship with Him.  This is done by a specific individual who comes to teach from a specific part of the Bible each week.  We could say a lot more about this time but it's best to experience learning from God's Word together with other people within the church.  

After this, we close with a song and an invitation for those who would like prayer for anything in their lives.  We welcome people to stay afterwards in the foyer and get to know others as they feel comfortable.

We welcome you to experience the life of Landmark Christian Fellowship for yourself, Sunday's at 10:30am!