Home Groups are a great way to build relationships while encouraging each other to follow Jesus.  Our conviction is that community that is genuine and authentic and spurs spiritual growth in one another is important for our lives as followers of Jesus.  

Home Groups provide a way for us to connect in a deeper, more intentional, and consistent way with one another in a home setting.  It opens up opportunities for us to live life together as the body of Christ in ways that are not possible simply by coming on Sunday mornings.  

While every one of our Home Groups has their own flavour, in each one you'll find that we typically fellowship with food together, engage in worship, discuss faith, study God's Word, pray for one another, serve our communities and have a lot of fun in the process!

Home Groups kick off the first week of October 2017!


Feel free to attend or contact anyone of our groups:

Wollmann Home Group

Leaders: Stephen & Danielle Wollmann

Support Couple: Dwayne & Pam Koop

When: Wednesday's at 7pm

Where: 185 2nd St West in Landmark

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Peters Home Group

Leaders: Cody & Karlee Peters

Support Couple: Matt & Hannah Frischbutter

When: Wednesday's at 7pm

Where: 118 Main St (downstairs) in Landmark

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Dirks' Home Group

Leaders: Russ & Ramona Dirks

When: Wednesday's at 7pm

Where: 118 Main St (upstairs) in Landmark

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Reimer Home Group

Leaders: Larry & Ina Reimer

Support Couple: Darrel & Dianne Hiebert

When: Every Second Thursday

Where: 362 Walnut Ave in Mitchell

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